Summary of 3 Tips for Playing Sic Bo to Win Money Easily

Starting in China, the name Sic Bo quickly became popular with many gamers and appeared in most online playgrounds. Currently, the number of members registered to participate in the game is up to millions, still increasing rapidly and continuously. To understand more about the rules and tips for playing Sic Bo effectively, we invite you to join New88vinet Study the detailed article below.

What is Over/Under?

Tai Xiu is also known by many names such as Sicbo, “big or small”, “hi-lo”, “big – small”… This game is currently loved and sought after by many players because of its attractiveness and gameplay. Simple to play but super high reward rate. Whether you are a veteran gamer or a newbie, you can place bets easily and conveniently.

This game is currently available at most online bookies in the entertainment industry. With just a phone or computer connected to the internet, players can easily join and experience immediately. With eye-catching images, vivid sound and the appearance of a real dealer, your betting becomes more realistic and interesting than ever.

Some popular forms of over/under betting on the market

Traditionally, there are only two main bets: over and under. However, with the increasing demand for entertainment, the game has integrated many different forms of betting. The betting type has been upgraded with more betting options for gamers to choose from such as:

  • Pair bets: Players analyze, calculate cases and judge the results.
  • Total bet: Bet on the total result of 3 dice
  • Bet on over/under in two identical sets: Predict that the result will be in the form of a pair.
  • Number bet: Determine the number that has a high chance of appearing.

3 tips for playing Sic Bo to help gamers win big money

Over/Under is considered an effective spiritual dish to help players relax comfortably after stressful hours of study or work. However, if you do not know flexible playing strategies, it is very difficult for gamers to win. Below are tips for playing Sic Bo that have been used successfully by professionals, you should learn them immediately:

You should not choose to bet all the way

When participating in the game, you should not choose to bet on all bets in the game. Many people mistakenly believe that with more doors, the probability of winning is higher. In reality, this is not true at all. When players divide small amounts of capital, the profits earned are extremely low.

Therefore, during the game, gamers should analyze and study the return probability of the doors carefully to choose the door with the highest return rate. The current popular number of over/under bets is bet 2. This is the bet that brings a higher chance of winning than the other bets.

Although it does not achieve the highest payout, it also helps players limit risks to the maximum extent. In an unlucky situation, if the result does not come as you want, the amount of money lost will be much less than if you scatter all the doors in the game.

Apply tips for playing Sic Bo safely

Applying tips for playing Sic Bo safely helps gamers feel more secure and confident in participating in betting games. There are many people who embrace the psychology of risking too much, causing themselves to fall into nothing, losing all their capital and assets in just one play. To avoid falling into this situation, you need to choose a playing style that suits your financial budget.

After applying effective playing strategies, gamers can limit the highest risks and increase profits. However, during the participation process, you also need to think carefully and analyze the situation carefully before deciding to choose the appropriate bet to place money.

According to the shares of long-time professional players, when you apply a safe playing style, you can confidently hold a win of more than 50%. The rest depends on luck, skills and betting experience.


Observe the previous bet

For new recruits with little experience, the first step is not to deposit money but to observe. Players need to pay attention to the betting table and monitor other opponents’ playing methods to grasp their playing methods and strategies. This process requires meticulousness and care, so the focus should be on gamers who win continuously.

By watching them, you can refer to your opponent’s fighting style to flexibly apply it for yourself. At the same time, players also find out the rules of the doors. This increases the probability of winning, giving gamers more opportunities to make higher profits.


It can be affirmed that Over/Under is the top selling game in the betting market. Gamers coming to attractive bets can experience many different emotions. When combining strategies, flexible gameplay, and tips for playing Sic Bo, New88 By referring, you increase your chances of winning and receiving huge bonuses.

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