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Revolutionize Education with Ikinor’s Smart Blackboards

In the digital age, education demands innovative tools that inspire creativity and collaboration in the classroom. The pioneering smart blackboard manufacturer, Ikinor, aims to providing educators with a range of advanced interactive technologies. Dive into the world of smart learning with Ikinor’s exceptional smart blackboard series:

Revolutionize Education with Ikinor's Smart Blackboards

  1. Ikinor Smart E-Blackboard Android 9

Discover the power of technology in education with Ikinor’s Smart E-Blackboard powered by Android 9. This versatile blackboard fosters interactive teaching methods and seamless app integration. With an intuitive interface, educators can unleash their creativity and create dynamic learning environments.

  1. FB Series Smart Blackboard

Customized for different classroom settings, Ikinor’s FB Series Smart Blackboard comes in various sizes. This adaptable blackboard supports up to 10-point touch, perfect for collaborative learning experiences. Effortlessly share content with screen mirroring, keeping students engaged and focused on learning.

  1. Nano Touch Smart E-Blackboard Android 11

Experience the perfect blend of traditional blackboard writing and cutting-edge technology with Ikinor’s Nano Touch Smart E-Blackboard. Powered by Android 11, this innovative blackboard supports up to 20 touch points, offering an ultra-responsive and precise writing experience. Embrace the future of interactive learning with this extraordinary smart blackboard.


At the heart of Ikinor’s mission lies a commitment to empowering learning through smart blackboard innovations. With their impressive features and unmatched user experience, these smart blackboards become essential tools in any modern classroom. As educators seek the finest interactive flat panel supplier, Ikinor emerges as the ultimate choice to empower learning and elevate educational experiences to new heights.

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