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PowerTitan Series: Leading the Way in Liquid Cooling Utility Energy Storage Systems

As the demand for clean and reliable energy storage solutions continues to grow, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. remains at the forefront of innovation with its groundbreaking PowerTitan Series. Specifically designed for utility-scale applications, the ST2236UX and ST2752UX models are Liquid Cooling Utility Energy Storage Systems that embody efficiency, reliability, and intelligence. With seamless integration, robust safety features, and exceptional performance, the PowerTitan Series sets a new standard in the world of energy storage.

PowerTitan Series: Leading the Way in Liquid Cooling Utility Energy Storage Systems

Low Costs and Simplified Installation

The PowerTitan Series is a highly integrated Energy Storage System, offering easy transportation and efficient Operation & Maintenance (O&M). With all components pre-assembled, there is no battery module handling required on-site, reducing installation complexity. The system can be quickly commissioned within 8 hours, allowing for straightforward installation by dropping it onto a pad and making electrical connections, cutting down costs and ensuring a rapid deployment process.

Safety and Reliability Ensured

Safety is a top priority in the PowerTitan Series. Integrated DC/DC converters actively limit fault currents, enhancing system protection. The energy storage system also features DC electric circuit safety management, including fast-breaking and anti-arc protection measures. Multiple levels of battery protection are achieved through discreet standalone systems, guaranteeing impeccable safety standards for utility-scale applications.

Efficiency and Adaptability

To achieve optimal efficiency and prolong battery life, the PowerTitan Series implements intelligent liquid cooling technology. This advanced cooling system ensures efficient performance even under demanding conditions. The modular design allows for parallel connections, enabling seamless expansion of the system as energy storage needs grow. Additionally, the IP54 outdoor cabinet and optional C5 anti-corrosion ensure long-lasting durability and suitability for various environments.

Smart Monitoring and Diagnostics

The PowerTitan Series is equipped with fast state monitoring and fault recording capabilities, enabling pre-alarm and faults location. This intelligent feature facilitates proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance. Integrated battery performance monitoring and logging provide real-time insights, allowing users to make informed decisions and maximize energy utilization.


With the PowerTitan Series, Sungrow continues to lead the way in the realm of Liquid Cooling Utility Energy Storage Systems. The ST2236UX and ST2752UX models embody efficiency, safety, and adaptability, offering businesses and utility companies a reliable solution to meet their growing energy demands. As Sungrow continues to drive innovation in the energy storage sector, the PowerTitan Series stands as a testament to their commitment to creating a sustainable and efficient energy future.

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