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Empowering Collaboration and Efficiency: Han’s Robot’s Advanced Collaborative Robot Arm Technology

Renowned collaborative robot manufacturer and supplier Han’s Robot specialises in creating collaborative robots arm that provide improved performance and flexibility. The Elfin Collaborative Robot has been more popular in more than 100 nations and regions across the globe due to its extensive variety of applications, which include automated integrated production lines, assembly, picking, welding, grinding, and spraying.

First Dual-Joint Module Design In China

Han’s Robot takes pride in being the first in China to introduce the dual-joint module design in their collaborative robots. This innovative approach combines two joints within a single motion module, resulting in a unique kinematic structure. This design sets the Elfin Collaborative Robot apart from others in the market and offers increased flexibility and maneuverability during operation. The dual-joint module design contributes to the robot’s ability to perform complex tasks in various industrial settings.

Optimized Singularity and High Flexibility

Han’s Robot has optimized the singularity of the Elfin Collaborative Robot, ensuring smooth and precise movements in critical areas. By minimizing the risk of singularities, the robot can navigate through tight spaces and execute tasks with greater accuracy.


The Elfin Collaborative Robot from Han’s Robot, a reputable supplier of collaborative robots, demonstrates their dedication to innovation. The Elfin Collaborative Robot stands out from the competition thanks to its innovative dual-joint module design, optimised singularity. The Elfin Collaborative Robot performs incredibly well in all situations, including confined places, exact movements, and environment adaptation.  Get in touch with Han’s Robot right now.

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